Apr 20

The Day…Was You

It was a cool, July, and it was dusk.
The gentle winds that blew,
brushed the Autumn of your hair.

And a mist, as like in Autumn, touch
your face, as I stood still.

I could not help but wonder, as in Autumn,
are the bees yet in their hive? Snuggled
closely, in their Autumn winter bed.?

An Autumn sun, hid behind the clouds above.
It knew not of this July, only of Autumn, in the air.
It knew of flowers drooping, their brightness,
now fading and curled. It knew of falling leaves,
and colors still so bright. A lone tree against a colored
sky, seemed naked in this July. With all of
this, and some to go, it must be Autumn…Autumn…
Autumn, for this I know.

What of the woman, with the hair of Autumn?
Her eyes of Autumn color and colored clothes
the same. It can not be July for
Autumn is abound.

Autumns every where. Circling sparrows in sky
above, swoop down, in hunt, for the final seeds
of Autumn. How could this be July,
or has the sparrows lost their way?

Surely, this is Autumn, for the chill is in they air.
And, isn’t that an Autumn grass, below that
old oak tree? As the gentle Autumn winds,
carry silence for the day.

Now the mist of Autumn, are falling drops of rain.
No, not a shower in July, but an Autumn day,
now cast in gloom, against a steel gray sky.

Autumn, shall never be the same, since
that Autumn day in mid July.

Apr 06

Smiles and laughs that we shared

I=Its just been days since you left

M=Months and ages it feels
I=It isnt easy you know
S=Smiles and laughs that we shared
S=Solitude is not what I wanted

Y=Your presence, irreplaceable
O=Of all the words I can say
U=Understand these the most, that I miss you.

Apr 06

Wo mujh sy taira milna hans hans

Guzr hoa zaman kis tarha hum bhulain,
Wo sach tha fasana kis tarha hum bhulain,
Wo din ko tairy phairy hoty thy pass mairy,
Raaton ko chup k aana kis tarha hum bhulain,
Wo mujh sy taira milna hans hans k taira khilna, Sharma k sar jhukana kis tarha hum bhulain,
Jaaty howy ye kehna apna khayal rakhna,
Ye Zulm tha ziyana kis tarha hum bulain, Waqt-e-guzar wo mairi awaz sun k taira,
Dar-e-khana dorr ana kis tarha hum bhulain,
Ana bhula b dain hum kah dain k khoab tha wo, “Armani” ye us ka jana kis tarha hum bulain…!

Apr 06

Ab har

“PAL” PAL” intezar kiya is “PAL” k liye.

Wo “PAL” aaya bhi to aik “PAL” k liye.

Ab har “PAL” dua he us “PAL” k liye.

oKash phir aajay w “PAL” aik “PAL” k liye

Magar wo “PAL” aye ga nahi aik “PAL” k liye